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Article template- & footnote reference guidelines

Article Requirements

Instructions to authors

Manuscripts, should preferably not exceed 9000 words (18 pages), typed in Arial font (one and a half line spacing, 12 font), and sent via electronic mail to the editor as an attachment in WORD. An abstract written in English must also be included, regardless of the language of the manuscript. Contributors are asked to write in a clear and reader-friendly style.  Please note: The language of both the abstract and the manuscript must be professionally edited before submitting the accepted, and finally approved manuscript to New Contree. Required proof must be provided in this regard. Also, provide six to ten keywords. Using informative subheadings is encouraged. No numbering of subheadings is necessary.

Articles finally submitted to the New Contree for publication, after approval, must be editorially revised and submission must be accompanied by a letter of confirmation from a qualified language practitioner. No article will be published without an official letter of confirmation that professional language editing of the article had been done.

Please download and complete the Author Declaration form below when submitting your article.

See below the template- & footnote reference guidelines for New Contree and a Word template to use when submitting your article.

Template guidelines for writing an article

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Article template

Article Submission

    PLEASE NOTE: Documents can be uploaded in two ways (Articles should be uploaded as one document - maximum size of 20MB):
    1. All images should be inserted in the Word document of the article; OR
    2. Upload a "zipped folder" with article and images included as one folder.